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Imagine every system in your body has a reflex point in your foot

Creates balance and a sense of well-being



History of Reflexology

Reflexology has been known to man since the Egyptians. It is recorded in 2,500 BC a hieroglyph of a foot treatment being given.

Dr. William Fitzgerald is known as the "Father" of Reflexology. He was a nose and throat expert working at St. Francis Hospital, USA. When working with his clients he discovered that by applying pressure to certain bony prominence's he could produce numbness in another part of the body. We call this the "Zone Theory". He found that many points in the nose when pressure was applied could numb areas of the body. Making this a reflex response.

He went on to discover that the parts of the body, which had a similar reflex relationship lay along certain longitudinal zones and that these were reflected in the body. By applying pressure to the points on these zones he could dull pain in other areas in the same zone.



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